Shekhinah’s New Music Video ‘Suited’ Is Out Now

Shekhinah's New Music Video 'Suited' Is Out Now

Shekhinah has just released her brand new video for the next single off of her debut album. Suited is SHEKHINAH’s first release off her highly anticipated debut album “ROSE GOLD” as the latest artist offering from Sony Music Entertainment.

“I would love to ease my audience into my new album, I don’t want to stretch too far from my usual sound.  I used bongo drums in the track which I know my fans will relate to and instantly recognize. When I was working on the track I imagined it fitting snuggly into people’s intimate spaces. I could hear the song playing in many kitchens on a sunny afternoon as lovers prepare their favourite meal. I could see soul mates gleaming with joy as they remembered what they were doing the first time they heard it and how they felt.” added Shekhinah

The song is a continuation of the emotions on the track Let You Know by Sketchy Bongo – Suited concludes the sentiments on the lyrics to the hit song. Showcasing the upcoming evolution in her sound with the new album coming out later in the year. Music fans can be sure to expect a power-driven sound on the single with an Afro Pop vibe that has already set airwaves ablaze.

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