Shaun White Perfect Score at Winter X Games 2012

Shaun White has to be one of the most amazing athletes on the planet- never before has ANYONE had a perfect Winter X Games Superpipe score. The mystical extreme sports artist didn’t even need to rock his final run to close out the 2012 Winter X Games as the Olympic gold medalist snowboarder had already clinched the top spot with his first run.

Obviously quite chilled about this he needed a perfect Superpipe score of 100 points to better his last run and went on to nail what everyone else thought was impossible.

“It’s unreal. I’ve been wanting that 100 forever,” White said after finally achieving one of his competitive goals.

Shaun White’s win at the Winter X Games 2012 is his fifth consecutive gold medal at the event. Even more impressive, the Shaun White perfect Superpipe score was accomplished on an injured ankle- seriously, who is this guy?!!

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