Shannon Biggs eats boxer Wladimir Klitschko’s food off his plate at a restaurant and gets water poured on him by the champ


This is honestly one of the maddest things I’ve seen – I mean in what World can Shannon Biggs walk up to fellow boxer Wladimir Klitschko eat food off his plate and think that he wasn’t going to get a reaction. This isn’t a WWE promo – this is real life and all things considered I think Klitschko handled the whole thing pretty well.

The incident went down at Mamma Mia’s restaurant in Florida on a normal Summer’s afternoon. The video is mental and features Biggs eating Klitschko’s food, saying that he’d eat like a champ too (just like Klitschko) followed by the challenger getting a glass of water poured over his head by Klitschko.

Let’s hope we get to see these two fight soon!

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