Shane Cooper & Mabuta Quintet ask the audience to ‘BECOME OUR RECORD LABEL’ with latest IndieGOGO Campaign

Shane Cooper has been involved in the South African music scene for over a decade, creating his sound and carving his niche. Since his electronic music days, he’s found a new calling with his Jazz composition and his band, MABUTA.

In March this year I formed a new jazz quintet in Johannesburg, we are called MABUTA. I’m super excited by the energy that the members of the group brought from the first rehearsal, and I really want to get the band recorded this year while the iron is hot. Your contribution will allow us to create an album of our new music, and you’ll get some great rewards in exchange.


My name is Shane Cooper.  I am a bassist and composer living in Cape Town, South Africa.  I’ve been working in various bands and musical projects for over 10 years.  In March I formed a new 5 piece group with some of my favourite South African musicians in Johannesburg called MABUTA. The band is me on bass, Bokani Dyer on piano and synths, Marlon Witbooi on drums, Sisonke Xonti on tenor saxophone, and Robin Fassie-Kock on trumpet. Our music draws influence from jazz, world music, and electronic music.  We have a body of new songs, and we are ready to get into the studio to make an album!


In addition we have some incredible producers from all around the world creating remixes of our music.  They include: Daedelus (Brainfeeder, Ninja Tune), Slugabed (Ninja Tune, Anticon), Kid Fonque (Stay True Sounds), Jazzuelle (Get Physical Music), and more surprises.


We need $8000 to record the album we envision, have it mixed and mastered, have a beautiful artwork made for the cover, and print CD’s and vinyls.

There are several perks you can choose from: you can get CD’s, limited edition 7-inch vinyls, and digital versions of the album (all delivered once the album is created), PLUS T-shirts, tote bags, and exclusive performances in your home (or wherever you choose), and more!

Even if you can’t afford to contribute, you can help by spreading the word!

To get going just scroll through the perks on the right and click what you like.  If you don’t do credit cards or PayPal, you can also EFT me directly – just send me an email at for details.


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