Sexy Groovy Love: A Kaleidoscope of Colour


kaleidoscope |kəˈlʌɪdəskəʊp|: 1. a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements.
From Greek kalos ‘beautiful’ + eidos ‘form’

On the 18th of March 2017,  we ask you to turn your faces towards the light, and experience magic as the colours collide… Join us as we immerse ourselves in A Kaleidoscope of Colour!

There are many core elements that come together in new ways to produce the beauty and energy of every new Sexy Groovy Love adventure. This constantly changing pattern will be taken to new heights as our journey culminates in a dazzling display of lights, colours and sounds.


Once again we return to our homelands at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate in Paarl. Cloaked in a cascade of colours, the home that we know so well will present itself in a new light. What better way to honour the special times we have shared here than surrounding ourselves with the colours and energies that go hand in hand with the heat of summer?

To complement your visual feast, we have curated a lineup of SA’s best to support the talents of DJ Jeremy Olander, who was born in America and grew up in Sweden. As always, a selection of our favourite food and fashion vendors will be on offer for you to enjoy. Let us fill our hearts with a spectrum of light to last until we meet again…

Fill your soul with colour and light until it bursts into a rainbow of joy, feed your ears with the feast of sounds we have prepared for you… You have so many new friends to meet, and so many memories to make…

Check out Jeremy Olander’s DJ set at The Lab in Los Angeles:

You can also listen to his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix here: 

Get into the groove by watching our season highlights video here: 

Tickets are available in 3 phases, from

Rhebokskloof Wine Estate has a limited capacity.

– Phase 1: R280 SOLD OUT

– Phase 2: R330 (Limited and available until Thursday 9 March at midnight)
– Phase 3: R380 (Limited and available until event day or until sold out)

(ticket prices do not include booking fees)

Love Bus tickets are available for R115 each. These return tickets leave from Sea Point library at midday, and return to the same location at 00:30.

Sexy Groovy Love is a strictly Over 21 adventure. Doors open at 12:00, and the festivities end at 00:00.

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Rhebokskloof Wine Estate

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