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The beginning of the work week saw me out at this great little place in Gardens called Societi Bistro having dinner with Stroob and three absolutely gorgeous women… While I sipped on a vodka martini and Stroob on his whiskey on the rocks we proceeded to delve deeper into matters of interest with these fine examples of members of the fairer sex. What did we talk about you ask?? Sex Appeal of course…

So what exactly does it mean to have sex appeal? Well if you went on the dictionary definition- and it would be fairly sad if you did, sex appeal would refer to…


  1. Physical attractiveness or personal qualities that arouse others sexually.
  2. Slang General appeal; power to interest or attract.

Sounds fairly straight forward right? Well it isn’t. There are several factors that blend together to create sex appeal in a person and with the help of 3 gorgeous women and Stroob, I hoped to find out a little bit more.

There seem to be certain things that we all find universally sexually appealing and the first of these is naturally a fairly decent outward appearance. Lets be honest, at the end of the day it is going to slightly more difficult for a girl or guy that looks like a donkey to emit that sexually appealing vibe that gets your blood pumping.

The second one we managed to agree upon was smell (olfaction) and sound of the person’s voice (audition). How you smell is extremely important for sexual appeal as its this smell, artificial or natural that makes us want to lean in and get a closer whiff of those enticing hormones. How your voice sounds is not necessarily something that can be improved on if you have the squeakiness of Minnie Mouse, but nonetheless it should be noted as important.

However, to say that a hot body, delectable smelling cologne/perfume and good looks are the be all and end all of sex appeal would be a grave mistake. Although has anyone had a look at Megan Fox in a bikini lately?? GOODNESS GRACIOUS.


Sex appeal isn’t always about legs up to the ceiling or rippling muscles. Sometimes it’s a bit of wit that gets the heart fluttering, because whats the point of keeping you around if you aren’t even mentally able to hold a conversation and breathe all at the same time. Someone intelligent person (I cant remember who exactly) once said that  a woman’s most significant erogenous zone is her mind- stimulate this and you’re already 50% of the way there. Not so sure about guys- stimulate just about any part of them and you’re ALL the way there.

Another thing that we all agreed upon as adding to someone’s sex appeal is confidence– and not the door to door salesperson type of confidence either. This is the type of confidence in your self that’s stems from being happy with your body, who you are and your life, not to be confused with the earlier mentioned salesperson variety that involves you making your point of view known to everyone else standing in the room (you just end up sounding like a self-centred loser, which is NOT sexually appealing to anyone).

The other night I was utterly mesmerised by a girl (please keep the jokes about how often this happens to a minimum) who danced so well that I couldn’t take my eyes off of her… It wasn’t hip-hop video style drop it like its hot dancing either- she just sort of swayed, from side to side, with a bit of rhythm. Now I found this to be one of the most sexually appealing things ever, simply because of her confidence in just dancing the way she wanted to. Ok if I have to be honest it might also have had something to do with the generalisation that people with seductive rhythm on the dancefloor have, well, seductive rhythm in the bedroom too…

So several martini’s and whiskeys later that’s where we ended up and I’m sure that’s just the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to what’s sexually appealling.

I’d love to know some of your thoughts on what you find sexually appealing- maybe we can compile them all in a book and get invited onto Oprah or even Ellen if Miss Winfrey is too busy 😉

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  1. (please keep the jokes about how often this happens to a minimum)By you saying this! it enough of a joke for me…hey Ricky

  2. sex appeal is a strange thing cause it varies from person to person… personal hygene and fitness can not be correlated to sex appeal, because if it was then all fat people have no sex appeal and if they were not appealing to anyone then how do overweight people have kids, Immaculate conception?

    that story about that fat guy getting married is clear example homie had game… and kids game and sex appeal are two very different animals!

  3. jano wat kak praat jy? so by your logic only sexually appealing people can conceive? its such a subjective thing, its not this autonomous holy grail that you either have or you dont. what i find appealling might repulse you (in fact, if you knew the truth, it probably would). there are universal things that are pretty much carried across all bounds like what kenny has highlighted and damn straight, but not everyone likes the same thing.

    on a seperate note kenji i think you summed this up perfectly. for me its about great bubbly personalities, smoking looks, good taste and british accents. all which were very succinctly covered on this awesome night. seriously, lets do that again! 🙂

  4. you missing the point Stroobz, FAT BASTARD HAS SEX APPEAL, kyle we all want to know the truth… but sex appeal isn't something that can be summed up by a bunch of physical attributes, hence it is called sex appeal and not good looks appeal… there must be some other than the physical that alludes to your ability to be good at pillow talk

    seriously next time invite a brother out of the studio, i was most probably across the road from society in my studio 🙁

  5. How Are You?

    I love the style of your articles, long but not and cute, yet you get enough of them. Keeps me wanting to learn more. I will be sure to check every single article!


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