Seven Sins’ Seduction – If you haven’t been, GO!


Seven Sins is the latest addition to the Kloof St. restaurant collective, but it is far more than your ordinary eat out. You see, Seven Sins is the heart and soul of Yves-Domonic Denichaud & Johan Geldenhuys; two talented individuals that have given their all to create a unique & modern experience that is seldom found in the Cape Town industry. From the impeccable artwork and the carefully formulated menu to the stylish furniture and varied infrastructure, the Seven Sins concept is brought to life in every possible way. It is a place that boosts of character and makes you feel at home, allowing you to mix with a variety of people whilst enjoying a range of delicacies and beverages that cannot be found elsewhere.
To mark the beginning of a growing concept, and to introduce Seven Sins to the community that we care for most, we would be overly grateful if you would join Seven Sins for our official launch event.
Date: 29 of July
Time: 18:00pm – 22:00pm
Place: Seven Sins, 39 Kloof St. , Cape Town
Dress code: Come as you wish.

There will be complimentary ‘Seven Sins’ cocktails, each representing their respective sin. Canapes food will flow around the restaurant throughout the night, giving you a taste of the mouth-drooling menu offerings. Expect a lively atmosphere, filled with people from different spheres of life that are brought together into a sinful world.
Indulge in the unknown, step into Seven Sins.

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