Seth Troxler Live at Killer Robot Cape Town 09/05/08 [Download]

The guys from Killer Robot posted this earlier as a little nostalgic moment reliving the previous time, a much younger Seth Troxler was in  Cape Town playing at the Killer Robot parties at Fiction. This is what they had to say about this specific mix:

In 2007 we came across a track called Love Beserker on a relatively unknown label called Beretta Grey. It instantly became an integral part of the Killer Robot Friday setlist and we searched in vain for more by this enigmatic young artist known as Seth Troxler. Sporadic releases followed in 2007 including the infamous Rave Loot ep, but still we knew almost nothing about this guy who was making our dancefloor vibrate every week with his blend of dark deep house and after hours techno. Eventually we sent out a few mails and got in touch with the man himself. As it happened, he had just moved to Berlin and was itching to travel and plant his voodoo seed in faraway places like Africa. We agreed on a meagre fee and he packed his strange t-shirts and a bag of records and came out to play for us. We had quite a job telling everyone who he was, but on assurances of a good party, Seth played to a full house at Fiction on the 9th of May 2008. As they say in Detroit, he ‘turned the party out’ that night, blazing through a selection of nasty-ass house and techno that bore testimony to his pedigreed upbringing in the record stores and afterparties of that famous city. The rest of course, is now history, but those that were there knew they had seen something special. Special enough to make it to the top of the most credible list of dj talent in the world, with a fanbase in the hundreds of thousands and a touring schedule that would make a seasoned rock band wince.

So before you all get aquainted with the megastar that is Seth Troxler this weekend, we present to you, for a limited time, the prodigy that was Young Seth, one spring night in Cape Town, 4 years ago.


Enjoy the sounds of Seth Troxler, you can catch him in Cape Town and Jozi this weekend:
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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