Sentimental Mondays at Asoka feat. Sylvestre Kabassidi

I find that Asoka Bar is one of those places that you go to and end up leaving feeling like you’ve just had a very special evening out. Whether that is because of the mystical tree right in the centre of the venue or he mix of booze and good food, I will never be sure.

This April Asoka is adding to already awesome atmosphere with a new series of sensational nights of live music featuring an artist by the name of Sylvestre Kabassidi. The night is called Sentimental Mondays and will run from 2nd of April for the month of April.

Sylvestre Kabassidi is a rebel with a sensitive soul whose music breaks stereotypes and takes African song into a new dimension. Armed with acoustic guitar and accompanied by percussion and rich vocals, Sylvestre is part of a quiet revolution in African music that is passionate, classic, and expressive. It is going to be a very intimate experience and can only add to the general experience of a night at Asoka.


If you’d like to book to ensure you get a table get hold of them on the details below:

Tel: 021 422 0909


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