Sense & Spray

There are very few things on this planet that terrify me more than clowns and turkeys… that is until this weekend.

I was over at a “friend’s” place having a bit of a play date on Saturday night when the time came for me to frequent the loo- to wash my hands as they were sticky- from the play dough. It was fairly dark and I had no idea where the light switch was, so I stumbled around for a bit waiting for my nightvision to kick in when all of a sudden out of nowhere I heard a strange pssshttt noise.

Immediately my mind began to jump to absolutely ludicrous conclusions as to the origin of this noise only to end up at attributing the mystery sound to a midget hiding in the cupboard- which was fairly frightening. I hastened my search for the light switch- scared that midget might bite me somewhere uncomfortable and when I finally found it and flicked the lights on I realized where the sound came from.

Over there in the corner of bathroom was a new and very fancy shmancy Glade Sense & Spray air-freshener- that gives whisps of freshness every time someone enters the room. I just think that if you have one of these, you should at least warn people before they begin to question there sanity based on their believed aural hallucinations… I’m just saying…


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  1. Maybe the machine just sensed u were full of kak or ur extremities were stinky and gave a spray to neutralise the @mosphere

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