Send kisses long distance with the kissing robot

You know what they say about long distance relationships… they don’t work- and this is mainly because of a lack of real intimacy. You can imagine that making kissy faces on Skype gets a little bit old after a while. Well now there is some new tech that aims to rescue all these people in long-distance relationships.

Professor Hooman Samani of the National University of Singapore’s project called “Kissenger” – short for “Kiss Messenger” – takes long distance relationships to the next level by enabling the transfer of kisses via the invisible ether.

Consisting of two piggy bank shaping objects with oversized lips, when one person kisses the lips of their bot their significant other can feel the kiss as they smooch their own bot. The silicone lips transmit the force and pressure of a person’s “kiss” to the other pair of silicone lips, sending the kiss’s sensation on.

Check out the video below to see how the technology works:

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  1. Adorable concept…sounds like the solution to being nervous on a first date…

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