Semen Allergy gives men the flu

In a final up-yours to men out there Mother nature has come up with a rather mysterious syndrome in which dudes come down with a flu-like sickness after having an orgasm.

For being a Bulls or Liverpool fan in a past life, some guys have developed mysterious flu-like symptons after blowing a load due to a mystical allergy to semen- as was confirmed by Dutch scientists said on Monday.

Blokes who are unfortunate enough to have the condition, known as post-orgasmic illness syndrome or POIS and documented in medical journals since 2002, get flu-like symptoms such as feverishness, runny nose, extreme fatigue and burning eyes immediately after they ejaculate. And get this- the symptoms can last for up to week.

Experts in the field said that while the syndrome is quite rare, it is likely that many men who suffer from it do not know it is a recognised condition and so do not come forward to doctors- the reason why we felt it so paramount to tell all of you MyCityByNight Alumni.

In order to treat the allergy to jizz one could try hyposensitisation therapy – a well-known technique for treating allergies, also called allergen immunotherapy, which repeatedly exposes the body to small but gradually increasing amounts of the allergen over several years. What this essentially means is that you’ll need to be injected with your own semen, at first in an extremely dilute form, and then in gradually less diluted forms- apparently a whole different thing to taking it up the bum.

We cant even cum without getting sick these days. Very sad.

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