Self regulation and my rubber arm

The boys at MyCityByNight are known for 2 things… 

  1. Always being honest
  2. Partying like there is no tomorrow

At the risk of sounding a little bit like an alcoholic I must be honest and admit that I’ve always had a love for alcohol. It’s been a relationship filled with highs and lows- all worth it of course. However, the MAN is now thinking about banning alcohol advertising all together in a bid to curb road deaths & other unsavoury realities of life (which are normally associated with alcohol abuse).

Once again, I have to disagree with The MAN and question why he thinks it’s a good idea to keep alcohol underground. One just has to look at the past to see what happens when something so entrenched into human society like alcohol is banned. In the past, when alcohol was prohibited in America, people moved out to Nevada and Chicago and built fast cars, used tommy-guns to shoot at police and smuggled moonshine just to make sure the underground establishments that still sold booze were kept well stocked. I’m not saying that everyone in SA is going to start sooping-up their Civics so they can smuggle a couple of bottles of Castle across the border because they can’t see ads with ous braaing boeries and saluting planes on tv anymore. What I am saying is, an overly legislated alcohol industry where people can’t find out more than the alcohol percentage of a drink, even while inside a bottle store might actually lead to more people going to bottle stores or clubs to find out what that purple stuff in THAT bottle actually tastes like.

It’s often been the case that I’ve been out and gotten completely sloshed to the point where taking my clothes off to hump the ciggie vending machine sounded like a good idea. However, I haven’t tried to drive home. Those decisions had nothing to do with an advert about people at party but they did have everything to do with self-regulation.

The risk of getting bummed by Malfinger (what I imagine some gangsters in prison to be called) can sometimes be enough to stop people for drinking and driving. I believe that coupling the current “scare the crap out of you” advertising approach along with ads that focus on how to improve your ability to self regulate is a far better solution than banning alcohol altogether.

It’s about reducing that rubber arm as much as possible and having enough education to know that “having one for the road” is always a bad idea.

Have a safe Long Weekend MyCityByNight Alumni… Drink Responsibly.

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