Introducing SEED INC. – South Africa’s one-stop, digital portal for cannabis business


Canna-business is booming in South Africa since the decriminalization of private use in 2018. In under three short years, people’s attitude towards weed and its bi-products has shifted – today, you can walk into any Clicks or Dischem and purchase a bottle of CBD or effortlessly source the equipment, nutrients and seeds to grow your own weed at home, and even enter it into some of the countries very first cannabis cups.

As the tides change, the launch of SEED INC, a premium South African cannabis-culture magazine and online platform, seems particularly timeous. SEED INC. (which went live two months ago) hopes to educate and overcome the long-standing negative associations that the country may have with cannabis while providing a dedicated platform for canna-businesses to promote themselves.

“We knew of the many benefits that the plant has, as well as its potential to alleviate many socioeconomic challenges, as well as to revolutionize many industries,” says award-winning editor, publisher and co-founder of SEED INC, Robbie Stammers. “The propaganda war has been extremely effective against the plant, and after the constitutional court decision, we felt the time was right to help re-educate people.”

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Currently, readers can enjoy fresh content like exclusive interviews with cannabis advocates such as Roxy Louw, former professional surfer and owner of Canna-Yoga and Peter Vogel, the CEO of Leafwire, a cannabis business-focused social media platform known commonly as the LinkedIn of Cannabis. 

For edible fans, SEED INC has teamed up with Masterchef SA judge and award-winning Chef Peter Goffe-Wood and will shortly be featuring a 3-course delicacy that will blow your mind!

A Portal for Canna-Business Marketing 

A recent string of international investments and mergers within the local cannabis industry is a sure sign that the country is firmly establishing itself in the global market. SEED INC. plans to take advantage of these evolving times by showcasing the potential that the South African cannabis and hemp industry has for foreign investments.

But it isn’t just about the big man: SEED INC. plans to uplift businesses of all sizes by promoting and encouraging investment that succeeds in uplifting previously illegal farmers. 

“What we see happening is that more people will start entering the industry professionally,” says Stammers. “What this means is that Craft Cannabis producers will be afforded the same respect as craft beer producers and be able to charge, accordingly, if licensed.” 

“The problem/opportunity, as we see it, is that there is no vehicle for these businesses to advertise and promote their products in an above the line legal way, and we have the requisite tools and knowledge to provide a solution.”

SEED INC. launched its site with a monthly e-newsletter partnership with a renowned database company, Media Connect (the company behind monthly newsletters for Daily Maverick, Business Day, 702, Cape Talk and TRIBE magazine) – essentially kicking off business with a dedicated database of over 50 000 readers. Making SEED INC. an ideal platform for cannabis startups to market their brand and grow their network.

SEED INC. will be under the creative direction of Robbie Stammers, who was the editor-in-chief of Leadership (one of the oldest and most prestigious magazines in the country) for five years.

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Stammers also founded The Intrepid Explorer magazine, CAPE ETC, and secured the SA edition licence for Fast Company magazine from New York in 2013.

With 15 PICA Awards, 3 Editor of the Year awards and 3 International Tabbie Awards under his belt, Stammers will spearhead SEED INC. into a blazing trail for cannabis culture in South Africa. Proving we have more to offer than just Durban Poison, Rooibaard and Swazi Gold. 

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