Secret Cinema Returns to Cape Town for his Silver World Tour


Secret Cinema is a name synonymous with a good time. Twenty-five years of good times to be more precise. The man has travelled the globe and I’ve been lucky enough to see him more then once in South Africa and his hometown, Holland, where it all began.  If you know the name Secret Cinema, you’ll know he’s as en pointe with his production as he is with his DJ sets. He’s also the founder of Gem records who have released some massive tracks over the years.

Jeroen Verheij  A.K.A Secret Cinema, has been known for releases such as Sonar System (under the moniker, Meng Syndicate) & Mary Go Wild and Watch Me Now (as Grooveyard), Timeless Altitude, Gung Ho and Shake Ur Tek-Ass (as Secret Cinema) as well as Turrrbulence (with Enrico Sangiuliano). It goes without saying there is nothing slowing this man down with 3 top 100 tracks on Beatport in 2015 alone.

February 26th 2016, ‘Secret Cinema – Silver’ will be released in honour of this important milestone. A luxury box-set has been put together with his ENTIRE discography, a DVD documentary and all new remixes from the likes of Christian Smith, Heiko Laux and Joris Voorn to name a few.

He’s not only a major player in the Techno scene alone, he can be found comfortably smashing 6-hour set with his close friend and peer, Egbert on a regular basis, closing off festivals across the globe. The two have performed and impressed crowds everywhere, from Timewarp in 2016 to Cape Town’s very own Synergy in 2014. Now Secret Cinema is back in Cape Town for an exclusive 4-hour set in the Techno Tunnel this Friday.


 We’re giving away a guest list for you and your friends to see the master in action. 

Simply comment below with your favourite track (or mix) of his and click attending on the event page: (click here)

Winners announced on Friday morning!

Take a listen to this to get your Monday into 5th gear.

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  1. Too many to choose because when a guy can smash 4 hour sets at a time you have loads of options!! One track that he did with Ramon Tapia called “Pass the Dutchie” has to be one of my favorites though if I have to choose! Hoping to hear it this Friday in Era’s techno tunnel with the help of MCBN! ?

  2. Definitely attending this event! Super excited. My favourite track/set is currently the 2016 Toffler festival set.

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