Score with Ronaldinho “Sex Free” condoms


While I was doing a bit of transfer research on the interwebs, I stumbled across an ad from Brazilian superstar (although to be fair that star is more of a twinkle than blinding light these days), Ronaldinho. So what’s weird about that you may ask? The fact that this was an ad fora special brand of Athletic Mineiro, Ronaldinho condoms, that’s what.

It might be due to the fact that I’m losing something in the direct translation but I honestly consider the condoms’ name to be utterly perplexing. They’re called SEX FREE condoms and bear the crest of Athletic Mineiro along with Ronaldinho’s mug and carry the slogan ‘EU SOU GALO’, which means ‘I am Galo’. Galo is the nickname of Ronaldinho’s current team, Atletico Mineiro and if translated into English means a male chicken, like a rooster or a cock. Sjoe.

Check the ad below and be amazed!


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