Say Hello To Your New Residents of Los Santos Hottest Nightclub – Dixon, The Black Madonna, Tale Of Us and Solomun

Los Santos hosts 4 new residencies including Dixon, Black Madonna, Tale of Us & Solomun from July onward

If you have been following the progress of GTA and their quest for online dominance, you’d have seen their next move which is blowing our minds. Dixon, the Black Madonna, Solomun & Tale of Us will be taking over Los Santos’ hottest nightclubs (and we hope their own radio stations with that – I’d don’t think we ever change the channel or leave our car throughout the game) in July 2018 onward.

GTA and more so Rockstar Games have always been at the forefront of the evolution of gaming so it’s pretty damn awesome to see this next addition to the online experience.

Go jol with Dixon next time you’re in Los Santos from July onwards…


Los Santos has a new nightclub

Dixon, The Black Madonna, Tale Of Us and Solomun (Official) have just become residents at Los Santos' hottest nightclub đź‘€

Posted by Resident Advisor on Monday, 25 June 2018

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