Save the Bucks with NoBucks!


The official launch party for is happening on the 23rd of April and what kind of party would it be if you had to pay get in. So the boys from NoBucks decided that we all can save some bucks and come for free, doesn’t that sound good. As well as some RIDICULOUS drinks special, really ridiculous. Oh and they throwing in some pizza specials as well just so we can arrive hungry and leave drunk for a very inexpensive night. Dam, i love these guys already! Lets start off with the music & then get onto the specials shall we…

☛ Checked Zebra (cape town based rock reggae)
☛ Kennedy (Indie/Electro)
☛ Holiday Murray (indie rock)
☛ DJ Foggen Prawn (Commercial/Old School)

Not bad at all don’t ya think, as you can see various styles of music will be on display through out the night for you and all your mates. Lets get to the more important things right now, the alcohol specials. The drinks and food specials look a little something like this:

– R23 for Double Vodka and Redbull
– R22 for Double Vodka and Power Play
– R22 for 1L Castle Jug
– R5 Shots (Sambuca, Mojo, Sourz and Po10cy) – They are even giving us R5 Tequilas (now that is helluva dangerous)

Its going to be R33% OFF each pizza you order, i’m getting there early thats for sure!

So get down to Dizzy’s in Camps Bay on the 23rd for a night of saving a buck or two thanks to NoBucks… One more thing, go check out the Nobucks website ( to keep you update to with all the specials in and around Cape Town (and JHB and Durban but like I said previously, we dont care about them).


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