Save 100 Kittens with just two clicks? Here is how! No, really.


We didn’t mean to mislead you. You can actually do a lot more than save kittens today. This is about saving tens of thousands of lives – of both humans and animals.

Normally we present you with the latest and hottest stuff but right now, it’s time to pay attention to something a very pressing issue that WILL affect us all.

Climate change has been determined to be as threatening as nuclear war. If we don’t act natural catastrophes and surges of refugees will spin out of control. This is about preserving our livable environment as we know it.

Right now, world leaders have gathered at an unprecedented summit to determine humanity’s response to this eminent threat.

Help us put pressure on COP21 delegates to come up with meaningful solutions at this critical moment in history!

Here’s what you can do to help –

  1. ) Change your profile picture in support of our #WEAREWATCHING campaign to build outside pressure for world leaders to unite.
  1. ) Leave your e-mail address below to enlist your future support!

HELP US PUSH FOR A TREATY TO SAVE THIS PLANET – the only home we’ve ever known.

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