Savanna Valentines Day Savannagrams

Valentines Day is on the horizon and people worldwide are freaking out about what to do to prove the ever lasting love. Fret no more- Savanna Dry has provided a pretty cool way to suprise your lovely this Valentines day with a suprise visit from a group of famous musicians. And then to top it off, the holder of your heart gets a big squishy hug from a lemon and some  Savanna goodies too.

All you have to do is submit your love story on their FB page (Open to those in the UK too).

Ok, now onto the real reason for me rocking this post… Our mate Andrew was the guy behind the video ad and we wanted to give him props 🙂 hehe- lucky you Savanna.

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  1. luckily I dont got no lover no more, poor old me got dumped very recently. which means I gonna go nail some poor sad tail that also got dumped recently. and we can be sad together for one nite in heaven 😀

    fuck valentines day, its as big a ripoof as xmass is

  2. Hmm, could you guys give the link to the official FB page?
    Can’t seem to find a page that I can join?

    1. Thanks Kreg! Much appreciated 🙂

      Kreg, any news with regards to the delivery of that Southern Comfort hamper? Hmm, I’ve not gotten anything yet?

    2. lol hence the one nite in heaven quip 🙂 either that or its gonna be a royal pissup if Im able to walk after Rammstein. hell, even if I cant walk. golden circle tickets for the win 😀

      1. @Valdette: will send a mail later regarding that, been having issues with one of the winners in getting there details. As soon as they respond, it will be on the way 🙂

        @jb: hahahaha classic. If you are walking after Rammstien, SHAME ON YOU! Enjoy bro!

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