Savage – Girl Breaks Up With 4 Guys She’s Dating In A Group Chat

Savagery - Girl Breaks Up With 4 Guys She's Dating In A Group Chat

I’ve been single for more than a year now (yes, indeed ladies, I’m totally here for long walks on the beach and catch ups under the moon light) and I can attest to the fact that dating is unbelievably complicated, especially in the modern age of Tinder. Things have really changed quite a bit over the past few years and it’s no longer uncommon for people to be “dating” more than one person at a time, not fully having committed oneself to being a proper full on monogamous relationship with one person.

However, sometimes people actually do progress and take the step of shacking up with somebody special. It’s at this point that things can tend to get awkward, leaving you to come up with a way to “break up” with everyone else you’ve been seeing. This was clearly not a problem for the woman in question, who had been seeing 4 guys and in possibly the most efficient way possible, broke up with all of them at the same time via a group chat:

Damn, that is just straight up savagery! Shame… at least that one guy bothered to drop a reply before leaving the group (still think he could’ve stayed a bit longer and possibly struck up an amazing friendship with the other guys that got simultaneously dumped by this girl).

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