SANDF- we kinda lost a couple of rocket launchers

TIA- This is Africa… Pretty much the excuse that we use everytime when things go to absolute crap in our really awesome not-quite first world by definition country.

It might be about time to whip the good ol TIA out again…

On Monday Defence and Military Veterans Minister, Lindiwe Sisulu revealed that a total of six rocket launchers and four mortars are among weaponry that has gone missing from SA National Defence Force arsenals over the past year.

The missing launchers include three 88mm anti-tank weapons, which can be used to knock out armoured vehicles.

According to a table included in the document titled “Firearm losses of the DOD (department of defence)” – weapon losses during 2009 included:

– five 9mm pistols;

– six 5.56mm rifles;

– seven 7.62mm rifles;

– one 7.70mm rifle;

– six 0.22 (inch) rifles;

– four 60mm mortars;

– one 81mm mortar;

– three 88mm rocket launchers;

– two 40mm rocket launchers; and

– one 70mm rocket launcher.

But fret not… Apparently we’re not  “the worst in the world”

Yay very comforting news. Bring on Grand Theft Auto- Mother City.

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