SAGRA presents: Hot Heels Africa

SAGRA stands for- South Africa Gravity Racing Association and their events are the kind that get the blood pumping and the sphincter tensing. Along with IGSA (International Gravitational Sporting Association) and Red bull they are hosting the last race of the IGSA World Cup in South Africa- Hot Heels Africa on December 11 2011.

The South African Gravity Racing Association (SAGRA) is an organization that does it utmost to promote all gravity racing disciplines classified by the International Gravity Sports Association (IGSA) and to provide opportunities to all South Africans to participate in Gravity Sports. 
SAGRA has hosted Hot Heels Africa for the past 7 years, making it the longest continuously-running event in the IGSA World Cup Series. It really is an event series that offers up some cracking entertainment for the spectator considering  that it is the final race on the annual calendar, making it a “must race” event for the top international riders. SAGRA is aiming to host the World Championships at Hot Heels Africa in 2012, on the 10th anniversary of the race. There are 16 confirmed international riders and they will be staying with crew, along with the rest of the national riders and spectators in Pringle Bay (where the race is located)

Not convinced? Well check out this little video of what went down last year at Hot Heels:

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