Safe search on… Safe search off

I was kind of bored over the weekend and decided to play around with Google (it was a relaxing weekend ok?!).  It is a recognised fact that the internet is a place filled with majesty, knowledge, information and porn. I was interested in how easy it was to find porn on Google, even when searching arbitrary and mostly innocent combinations of words- I tried 3.

So… by using good old Google Image Search, I decided to do a little bit of digging to see which totally non-dirty words returned utter filth when the safesearch feature was deactivated. What happened was both shocking and arousing- like a nun having sex.

1.“Small”– Come on, surely we’ll be alright with something as nondescript as small. With safesearch on we you’ll get examples of intestines, dogs, a kid facing a sumo wrestler. With the safesearch off you see some girls boobs (she has her top on though). Yay, that went better than I thought- maybe there isn’t much to this at all.

2. “Big”– Well, “small” worked out pretty ok. What could possibly go wrong?  Safesearch on– a girl at the beach, that chick from Big Bang Theory, Notorious Big and some woman with astupidly big boobs (with her top on). Safesearch turned off– hmm. Pretty much the same as before with slightly more boob- hardly something to write home about.
3. “Wet”– Ok, even with Safesearch on quite a few pics of people from Bollywood, a couple wet t-shirt contests and of course Spring Break. Safesearch off. OMG. There we go, I don’t even need to elaborate here. Some of the stuff here would make Jenna Jameson blush and I haven’t even scrolled down yet. Wet– is clearly not a safe word.

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