SA woman busted for smuggling cocaine in her dreadlocks (pics)

Fresh after a South African woman was executed in China for smuggling tik another Saffa woman was arrested in Bangkok’s International airport after police said they found 1.5kg of cocaine hidden in her dreadlocks. That’s enough cocaine to keep Charlie Sheen busy for at least 3 days.

Nobanda Nolubabalo, 23, was searched on Monday when police said they noticed a white substance in her hair shortly after she stepped off a Qatar Airways flight that originated in San Paulo and flew through Qatar to Suvarnabhumi Airport as reported in the Bangkok Post.

The search uncovered 1.5kg of cocaine with a street value of 4.5 million baht (about R1.2 million) hidden in her dreadlocks, authorities said. Apparently the chick had been hired to do the deed for around R16 000- yes that’s not even enough cash to buy a car or a house or anything worth risking your life for (not that there’s much that you¬†should risk your life for).

Police said the suspect admitted smuggling the drug and said she was on her way to deliver it to a customer at a hotel in Bangkok. 

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