SA slides into Pornhub’s top 20 list. Good job SA


Over the past year in 2016, we saw some great and some particularly not so great things happen in this wonderful Rainbow Nation of ours, the Boks couldn’t win a rugby match, Mandoza passed away, student and government protests reached serious boiling points but on the other hand, Wayde Van Niekerk smashed the World Record and the rest of our athletes performed exceptionally well at the Olympics, Black Coffee dominated the international music scene and PK’d the hell out of AKA’s manager, BUT most importantly; we made it into the top 20 on Pornhub as one of the most active porn watching countries in the world. That deserves a round of applause, don’t you agree? Not only did we slide into the top 20, we also managed to be placed in 3 as the country with the highest female porn viewers across the globe. Pat on the back, ladies! Not only that, we came in second place for the most time spent on Pornhub in 2016 moving up a cool 11 spots from last year. It’s also noticed, that our biggest group of wankers are between the age of 18 – 24, oh you sly millennials you, we see you.


Let those stats just sink in for a second…

Check out SOME of these stats below that mention South Africa and a couple of other ‘interesting’ info-graphics for your enjoyment/pleasure.


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