South African Minecraft player raises close to R2 million for local charity

South African Minecraft star raises close to R2 million for local charity

Two well-known players of the popular game ‘Minecraft’ have raised close to R2 million to help feed children in poverty-stricken communities in South Africa.

The two players, ‘Rendog‘ and ‘Grian‘ are both based in the UK and stream their Minecraft adventures to fans on their YouTube channels and via Twitch. Rendog – who has close half-a-million followers on YouTube and wishes to remain anonymous – is actually from South Africa and was born in Bloemfontein.

The collaboration began when he reached out UK-based charity, SOS Africa who fund education in South Africa and now, feeding schemes too.

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Rendog, who already sponsors the education of three local children through SOS Africa, proposed a Minecraft Stream, with fellow gamer and friend Grian – who has an impressive 5.26 million subscribers on YouTube to raise more funds.

The duo managed to collect close R2 million during their stream, blowing SOS Africa’s humble target of R550 000 out the water and making it the most successful fundraiser in their 17-year history.

We were all completely overwhelmed with emotion. Our staff in South Africa were following the event and were constantly in floods of tears.”

SOS Africa

Over 700,000 gamers tuned in to watch their Minecraft stream and even more people donated when it was over with SOS Africa receiving another R50,000 in donations the next day.

You can watch the Rendog and Grian’s stream for SOS Africa on Twitch or below. Read more on the latest COVID-19 related news right here.

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