SA Government to tax OnlyFans content creators


South African content creators using OnlyFans will now be taxed on their earnings, SARS has confirmed.

The government said that all purchases and subscriptions on the website are now subject to VAT, which accounts for 15% of all purchases in the country.

OnlyFans content creators will have to pay 15% of all their earnings to the South African Revenue Services. This means that SARS will be claiming a 15% VAT fee on every single transaction, from monthly profile subscriptions, to pay per view and tips.

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According to Anton Fisher, a SARS spokesperson, “The VAT is imposed under the Act which requires businesses that carry on an enterprise in the Republic (of South Africa) to register for VAT and charge the VAT on sales made to its customers.”

OnlyFans has grown exponentially since 2020. While OnlyFans may be infamously known as a portal for adult entertainment, it is also used by musicians, models, influencers, gamers, artists and more. Creators make money by charging fans for exclusive content.

South Africans have criticised the newly imposed tax by pointing out the absence of policies around the regulation of sex work, which is still currently illegal in South Africa.

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