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If you follow South African blogging with a keen eye sim-i-lar- to- the – very focused speaking Horatio Cane from CSI Miami you’d be aware of the current flood of posts on the web about the upcoming SA Blog awards.

Being the very insightful chaps that we are here at MyCityByNight we decided to sit back and let the “witty” banter flow back and forth between finalists at the awards about how the event is rigged and how judges are blowing other finalists and vice-versa (truth be told, we were pretty much too hungover to think coherently enough to add to what was going on). So yah, I guess its time for MCBN to throw our glistening 2c coin into the hat around the SA Blog Awards debate.

First off I’m going to start with our gripes…

MyCityByNight was started at the backend (haha, witty computer joke) of 2009, which pretty much classifies us as a NEW BLOG based on the guidelines laid out by the Blog Awards bigwigs. Somehow, we totally missed a nomination (apparently due to lack of votes) in this category and instead were selected in the Best Entertainment and Best Music Categories. Its not that we’re bummed (ah man, poor choice of words), we just would have loved the option of choosing to run in Best New blog with people who have had the same amount of time as us to develop.

Then there’s the matter of the voting system… As Nash from Bangers & Nash (who we are running against in Best Entertainment) mentioned regarding the clause in the rule book that says you can vote ONCE EVERY 24hrs– it’s kind of unfair to expect the rest of us to run against the likes of the traffic monster that is 2Oceansvibe (also in Best Entertainment). That’s pretty much like a SABC1 documentary going up against the next episode of Star Wars. Yes Seth, you get one compliment from us because you are indeed the guy who was at forefront of blogging and online publishing for many years- you are the Godfather (but we all know he gets shot up & then can’t talk properly and shit).

A fair deal of you will also be unaware that the organizers of the SA Blog awards have decided that ONLY THE TOP 2 MOST VOTED FOR blogs by the 17th of SEPTEMBER will be invited to the One & Only to have the opportunity to be judged by judges whose alliances have been questioned for the top honours in their categories. Hmm. I would’ve thought you need at least a TOP 3 to make this a legitimate and auspicious occasion. But once again maybe that’s just us at MyCityByNight.

Onto the brighter more cheerful stuff

Well… First off we’re lank chuffed that all of you and the SA Blog Awards give us enough respect to run for the title of ROCKY BALBOA STAIRS CLIMBING CHAMP alongside the likes of Bangers & Nash (who we respect a great deal and quite dig, but will still beat to the top 2 in Best Entertainment) and 2Oceansvibe (who we respect slightly less, but are still weary of- like Turkeys with that weird wobbling throat thing, uuugh) in the Best Entertainment blog category. Hey we’re even up against the likes of the Soweton Entertainment Live Blog (what????!!!! A national newspaper, really? Bring it).

We’re also fairly excited about the fact that we’ve made it through to the Best Music blog finalist list. This is almost as much of a group of death as the Entertainment category. We’re up against 2 of our buddies from the MyCityByNight blogroll- Listenup and the mad nuts over at Don’t Party. Again, we’re freaking stoked to even be there with you guys- RESPECT… but it wouldn’t be the MyCityByNight way to go for second best… We’re coming for that title, even if it means that you guys are always pushed to stay on your toes as far as bringing the heat in MUSIC goes!!! 🙂

Like it or not- you are busy contributing to the record of digital publishing by reading and interacting with all of these blogs… So why not make it a good contribution to the architecture of the online and social media blogosphere and spend your time at MyCityByNight. It’s time for new royalty in the blog monarchy- and one that is about the people, who spend their work and leisure hours browsing the fun-bubble filled halls of MCBN. It has always and will always be about YOU- YOU ALL are the reason we started MCBN and the reason why we will continue to bring you the best competitions, the coolest sneak peaks and hottest insider info so that you can also, like US walk out the house at the end of the day- all showered and spritzed with some sexy fragrance- and say:


There… just an honest an open request from Stacky, Kreg, our Joburg Late Night Alumni- Von Lurie & Hidro and of course… ME, Ricky for you to VOTE FOR MYCITYBYNIGHT once every 24hrs by clicking on –


or liking this article, sharing it on Twitter- anything. ONLY IF YOU THINK IT’S WORTHWHILE 🙂

We’ll keep spreading the love (hehe) no matter what!


MyCityByNight x x x

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  1. well said guys, i really enjoy b&n and MCBN and Don't Party. respect to all of you. something needs to be said about the SA Blog Awards system and way of doing things. They are idiots. For a website which aims to pass judgement on other websites they haven't given any thought to their role in this CF. you are allowed to vote every 24hrs but you have to confirm your e-mail for every submission. do they think we just sit at our computers and vote like mindless chickens all day

    1. It really is one of my major gripes with the whole process- they havent made it easy for anybody to actually go and vote. Its truely laughable that these are the guys that are supposed to be judging the standard of blogs out there when there knowledge of the online arena seems to be archaic- which is odd considering Media24 has an entire division devoted to New Media (I've worked there).

      I just hope that they take note of the clearly flawed process and make some big changes next year!!! Like letting someone who knows what they're doing design the process not a full SPAZ.

      Thanks for the love though Charl- its peeps like you that really make doing MCBN worthwhile! 🙂

  2. Very good point made here, how can you have a voting system that allows voters to vote every 24hours! Surely multiple voting is giving bloggers the opportunity to create email accounts and then basically vote for themselves and spam the voting systems!Syndicates basically.

    Personally i think this voting every 24hr is a complete fuck up!

    On to the next disappointment is the fact that Seth shouldn't be allowed to dominate the award, Ricky made a very good point.. 2Oceansvibe is by far one of South Africa's most successful blogs, Seth should rather have been invited to be one of the judges for the awards, rather than be allowed to be up for nominations.

    Of course these are just my views but im sure a lot of people see it the same way. How do you expect to grow the blogging community in SA if the big cats are always allowed to dominate the smaller guys?

  3. Very nice answer Blair and I agree with you 100%. The voting system is a fuck up and doesn’t give the smaller blogs a chance against the bigger fish with massive readership. Also “gives bloggers the opportunity to create email accounts and basically vote for themselves” is probably being done as we speak. I know some people with 12 email address and that is a great boost already when counting the votes(if done everyday, which can become a little bit of a pain)

    I am going to say this again and repeat what Ricky said. What I essentially wanted was to be in the best new blog category. We are not an old blog and to be standing up with the likes of 2OV and Bangers and Nash in best entertainment is an amazing accomplishment I would say. Let alone the fact that we are sitting with BPM, Die Antwoord, ListenUP, Don’t Party and ElectroTrash in the best Music Blog category. It still blows my mind how we made it into these categories but not best new blog.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely stoked we made it into those categories and it keeps me pushing to keep things as rocking as possible here at MCBN.

    Thanks very much for the love Blair and Charl. You guys rock!!

  4. im so excited for you guys…u"ve come a long way and many parties! i am doing my bid to try and make sure the votes keep coming in. AWE!

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