You could soon pay an additional R100 on all traffic fines

Traffic fines

Government is in the process of passing the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Amendment Act (AARTO) which aims to introduce new driving laws in SA as well as usher in a new demerit system for drivers.

It recently came to light that the AARTO draft stipulates a new regulation called the Infringement Penalty Levy which states that citizens will have to pay an additional R100 flat rate on every single traffic fine they receive.

In a nutshell, every infringement will come with an additional R100 levy whether the fine is R200 or R2000. And it will even have to be paid even on a successfully disputed offence.

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Speaking to Cape Talk, Layton Beard of The Automobile Association (AA) called this a “stealth tax” and reckons it will net the authorities an additional R2 billion a year, based on 20 million infringement notices issued annually.

“If you get a fine of R300, you are going to pay an additional R100 just for the benefit of getting the fine,” said the AA representative.

“The payment of the fine should cover the administration fee, not add an additional fee. We will be raising this as a concern in our submission to Parliament in December.”

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