Song of The Day | Ryan Murgatroyd ft. Myburgh – Methane (Extended Mix)

Ryan Murgatroyd

As the world of electronic music ground to a halt during the pandemic, Ryan Murgatroyd has kept his momentum of writing and releasing some of the freshest and most interesting electronic music on the planet.

Now, returning to a soon to be post-Covid world, he continues through his finest form with ‘Methane’. His third release of the new year, this record is about going back to the simplicity of hard-hitting but fun, hands-in-the-air music that welcomes back those dancefloor moments to eager audiences around the globe.

Not only has Murgatroyd become known for his genre-bending production but also for unearthing new, undiscovered vocal talents, and this release is no exception. Welcoming the sultry, swooning and truly unique vocals of Myburgh to the Swoon Stable, he lays down the hook of all hooks on this record and makes it a new anthem for dancefloors the world over.

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Speaking of the release, Murgatroyd mentioned “Some tracks just come together effortlessly and this is one of them! Myburgh and I got together one late night during the peak of lockdown (on Zoom, of course) and set out to write one of those classic house tracks that would be chanted on dance floors across the globe when the pandemic was over.

The sonic palette of this song is effortless, dance-able, with big basses, shuffling drums and all the dirty squelch you can imagine. On top of the forward marching percussion and gritty sound design, Myburgh has laid down one of the catchiest, most memorable and addictive vocals of the year.”

Methane’ is now available everywhere. Listen to the Extended Mix, below.

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