Ryan Gosling wont eat his cereal


I’m normally the first person to spot a good meme, sharing it with you all for the benefit of a solid giggle. Somehow, while buried deep within our MyCityByNight mancave I managed to miss a Ryan Gosling meme that almost broke the internet when it was shared with the World by Buzzfeed. The new meme is based in the video app, Vine and focuses on the fact that Ryan Gosling doesn’t want to eat his cereal. Now I know you’re probably thinking “what could possibly be entertaining about that?” – but after I went and checked out the various Vines that a guy by the name Ryan McHenry had made I realised JUST how awesome it was (and you’ll probably do the same).

Ryan (McHenry) uses the app to showcase well known scenes from Ryan Gosling movies adding a spoon of cereal to each Vine. The strangest thing for me about this whole thing is how many times Ryan Gosling has a scene in a movie where he looks like he’s disinterested in eating cereal.

Man… the internet is weird.

Check a selection of my favourites below. If you want to see more of them, head on over to Ryan McHenry’s Vine account.

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