Russian Tampon ad gets the World talking

russian tampon ad

Contrary to Kreg and Stacky I don’t actually have a vagina, but I’m relatively sure that if I did, I’d find the current style of feminine hygiene ads we experience here in South African quite horrific. Mooiness, feel free to correct me here but how does a bunch of schoolgirls singing about how they slept through the night because of no leaks or a group of women dancing and smiling wearing white dresses make me want to rush out to buy bags of a particular brand of pads/tampons?

Well, I could imagine that an ad along the lines of this, would be slightly better at getting me to shell out my hard earned cash on something that I can’t do anything about (damn nature). When it surfaced on the internet the video was billed as the latest in crazy Russian advertising but in later reports it became apparent that the Tampax ad was actually not real and instead was part of a promotional video for upcoming film Movie 43.

Movie 43 is a series of interconnected short films following a washed-up producer and features some of the biggest stars in Hollywood like Richard Gere, Elizabeth Banks and Emma Stone.

Anyways, what do you think of the ad? If it was real, would you go out and grab the 16 pack of Tampax?

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