Russian MMA show is way madder than UFC

hip show russian mma

I have an incredible amount of respect for the guys that do MMA professionally and fight in UFC, Pride etc. I really thought that this was as hard as it got when it came to the world of televised mixed martial arts, but clearly I was mistaken.

Russia has come up with a brand new variation of MMA cagefighting that involves 2 teams made up of 2 fighters each (for reals). The action is all filmed as part of the “Hip Show”, with the end result being an hour of the most insane fighting I’ve ever seen. Fighters are allowed to use all the elements of the fighting arena, which inevitably leads to body slams off towers, flying kicks and other similar levels of all-out carnage.

Entire episodes are available on Youtube, but here’s the trailer to give you a better idea (the Russians are CRAZY).

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