Russian girl twerks like a pro

Russian twerk girl

Being such large supporters of twerking here at MyCityByNight, we were more than ecstatic when we came across the latest twerk clip featuring a rather agile Russian dancer doing her thing in a dance studio to Tyga’s Rack City.

The video shows a mooiness who has clearly mastered the art of working tha booty, who shows off moves that would make Miley Cyrus look like an amature (although to be fair, I think she just brought the art of the twerk to the media fore). Just in case you were wondering what we’re on about – twerking is the art (using the term quite loosely) of dancing like a stripper in public without having the risk of being mistaken for one by passers-by.

After watching this, I’m starting to understand why so many strippers are Russian… it must be something in the water.

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  1. WOW she is good ! 😀

    Rather interesting colours being used:

    yellow tanktop, purple bottoms, long black stockings, black shoes

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