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With MMD coming up this weekend, I got my hands on the latest Rubix Qube EP and cranked things up. The EP has just been released through MMD Records called Saturate. Saturate has a vaste array of collaborations with some of Cape Town’s finest artists as well as an original production by his minimal psy project called Soundproof. I got things going with Soundproof…

Soundproof – Maximal

What I loved most was the name of this track. I think it suites the song very well. I really have a love for this kind of sound, a very electro’y yet at the same time psycadelic track. Maximal consists of a lot of bass, with even more wobble and some very psycadelic undertones flowing through tune. This is a great tune to start the EP off with.

Rubix Qube – Saturate

The main track on the EP Saturate has a very Scorb-like sound to it (Scorb is possibly one of my favourite producers, so I was all ears when it dropped). The track rolls with a driving bass line which I must admit I really like. I think Rubix Qube has done extremely well on this track. It has that very dark and eerie background riff which flows throughout the track, with some very cheeky stabs thrown in here and there. It has a massive build up which breaks into one absolute monster. I can see this doing some serious damage on any dance floor (but most hoping to hear it this weekend at MMD). It has some serious power and gees to it.

Rubix Qube & Xatrik – Konan the Barbarian

Next up is “Konan The Barbarian”. This track is produced by Xatrik and Rubix Cube. You can already tell just by the name of the artists we are in for some serious full on psycadelic trance. It immediately kicks off with a deep bass line and a break that will get any dance floor stomping. After the first drop things slow down slightly but pick up into a real banger. The part of this track I enjoy most in the middle. A much darker slowed down bass line with a tweaked guitar sample as well as some crazy vocal samples which got my feet tapping… The song continues to build and build into one monster break down of chaos and order, at the same time. It’s beautiful. This has to be my favourite track on the EP.

Rubix Qube & Lunar – TIA

Rubix Cube vs. Lunar – “TIA” followed after “Konan the Barbarian”. What a tune! I would have to say that would be perfect track for 2am. The funny thing is Luna and Rubix Qube are playing a special B2B morning set at MMD at 10am. I hope we get to hear this one. This track wastes no time and gets straight into things a very twisted melody which flows so sweetly through this track. While the main riff is continually being tweaked, the unforgiving bass line continues to bang throughout whole track 

Rubix Qube & Lunar & Rabdom L – Full Moon

Full Moon is the last track on the EP I listened to. This track, Rubix Qube collaborates with Lunar and Rabdom L. I kind of knew what to expect already. This track was going to be kicking it from the start. The bass line is relentless, pounding and has that energy that will make you want to stomp so hard. This tune has that high energy full on psy that leads to a final build up that feels like it is never going end, this tune continues to slam from beginning to end and will destroy any dance floor. The production on this tune is flawless, I cannot wait to hear this under some stars with the grass under my feet.

These EP’s just keep getting better and better. I cannot wait to see what MMD have installed for us next time. I think we are in for something special… Big thanks to Lyle for giving me the chance to take a listen to this madness of an EP. Also a big shout out to Rubix Qube for work he put into this EP. It’s rocking man…

To get your hands on this EP, go to Beatport NOW and buy it: (click here)

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