Rubix Qube and Rabdom L present a Psy-Production Workshop!


Reduce your learning time dramatically with this specially designed crash course in mixing and producing electronic music. Learn from some of Cape Town’s most succesfull producers and DJ’s.

Rubix Qube is undoubtedly one of Cape Town’s most talented producers. As Rubix Qube he is part of the insane Village crew that are renowned for their outrageous outdoor festivals. He is also one half of Biorhythm with Carl Sharples and the producer of Jam Jarr (African Dope Records) , under the alias Soundproof.

Rabdom L aka The Skragg has been DJing for 20 years and part of the Cape Town Trance movement for 15 years. First as a DJ under the alias of “The Skragg”. He then went on to form the groundbreaking label Timecode Records with Phyx, Artifakt and Shift. He is also a member of the infamous Twisted System trio which is known for tracks like “the Beautiful people” RMX and Stark Raver – the ultimate Star Wars RMX ever. As a producer he represents Replicant Records (AUS), Spectral Records (POR) and Kaos Krew (SA).

These two Professors of Phatness have combined their talents to bring you a specially tailored course in the art of electronic music production. If you are serious about learning, do not miss this opportunity, Sign up now, space is limited – knowledge is power!

✮ To secure your place please email or phone us:

RABDOM L/THE SKRAGG – 0768797302 or





1. Setup, Configuration and optimisation of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for digital music production and recording.

2. Understanding the fundamentals of Sound – Waveforms, Wavelengths, Frequencies and Accoustics.

3. Basics of Audio Production with Cubase, Ableton and other platforms focussing on the 4 main elements of electronic music – Kick&Bass, Percussion, Synths and Soundscapes.

4. EQ, Mix-Downs and Mastering. Studio Hardware demo’s from the leading Synth manufacturers like Access Virus, Nord Lead, Roland SPDS Drum Machine and I-Pad software apps and synths.

5. Music Theory, Scoring and Composition

6. Formats and editing of finished works for all mediums

7. Sound Insulation and Room Treatment

8. VST tutorials on the Top Ten VST’s in the industry.

9. Industry and Politics – Seasons, Who u know versus what you know! Industry Standards etc – get the inside scoop here.

10. Djing and DJ tools – hands on demo from some of Cape Town’s top DJ’s, hardware demo’s and DJ gear.

11. A comprehensive take home .PDF guide summarizing the course along with valuable information about sound and music – all you need to know to express that inner rockstar!

12. Through this course we will identify each individuals strengths and weakness, focus on them and improve all aspects.

13. Versus Tracks, Collaborations, releasing Albums, EP’s and Singles.

14. Who’s who in the Zoo – labels, promoters, organisers, artists and events. Managing yourself and taking advantage of social media channels.

✮ To secure your place please email or phone us:

RABDOM L/THE SKRAGG – 0768797302 or


Links for Rubix Qube: – Jam Jarr on Soundcloud. – Rubix on Soundcloud. – Rubix on facebook. – Biorhythm on Soundcloud. – Soundproof on Soundcloud. – Buy Rubix Qube’s album – The Dark Continent – Buy Biorhythm’s album – Divine Geometry

✮ Links for Rabdom L/The Skragg: – Rabdom L on Soundcloud. – Rabdom L on Facebook. – Twisted System on Facebook. – Listen to Twilight by The Skragg. – Buy Twisted System Album – The Core. – Buy Rabdom L’s EP – The Katalyst. – Buy Rabdom L’s EP – Augment

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