Rubber Duc perform Sledge Hammer with Stacey Norman & the 947 Crew

sledge hammer rubber duc stacey norman 947

I for one am rather impressed with the content that’s coming out of Stacey Norman’s #SNL show, weekdays from 9am-12pm on 947 – it just goes to show that when you combine radio with the digital world, you get something far better than what we’ve become used to on the other national stations. Just last week she got the guys from Rubber Duc to come through to the 947 studios to hang out with her, Karabo and Zweli with the aim of putting together a special rendition of Sledge Hammer using the 947 crew as backup on instruments of their own.

The result is rather magnificent and in my opinion a little better than the original 🙂 Watch the video below and see how the 947 crew and Rubber Duc became besties forever!

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