Royal Antwerp Football team practice their shooting with mooiness’ bums as their targets

royal antwerp shooting girls

The Napoleon Games Football Indoor Tournament took place this past weekend in Antwerp, Belgium and in order to practice for the event the Royal Antwerp Football team decided that the ONLY way to put in the practice needed was to hone their shooting skills by aiming their shots at the rather pert backsides of local mooiness.

Considering that it’s below freezing and snowing pretty much every day in Belgium at the moment, I’m sure the guys had as much fun as we did watching this video while going through their “rigorous” training. In the clip, we get to see some members of Royal Antwerp, who are managed by former Chelsea striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank, sharpening their skills by placing their strikes on the bums of mooiness, who have very kindly offered up their backsides to help. No wonder Belgian football is on the rise.

royal antwerp shooting training

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