Rolling Stone Magazine comes to South Africa

You wouldnt exactly be crucified if you described MyCityByNight to your friends and strangers in the streets as the place to go if you’re looking to find the latest news and information about popular culture, entertainment and nightlife in general. MCBN is media consumption central in South Africa with our reach slowly growing in the global market each time we mention the word Asian (at least 50 people just liked our Facebook fanpage because I said that).

In some of the biggest news to break at the end of September we found out that South Africa was due for it’s very own iteration of the media monolith- Rolling Stone magazine. Rolling Stone is the godfather of popular culture as far as the medium of print goes, as well as having made forays into digital and film with everything from reality shows to top notch online content and from next month it will be a fixture on South African newsstands.

The South African edition will be launched as a monthly title pushing a print run of 30 000 copies, meaning that they positioned it as being a strong contender to all the titles we currently look to for inspiration. With most of the information around the South African edition still being kept relatively under wraps we have managed to find out who will be making up the spine of this publication and taking on the task of keeping the masses informed.

The core team looks like this:

  • Publisher: Diageo Business Award-nominated entrepreneur and 3i Publishing CEO, Mohammed Khan.
  • Editor-in-Chief: visionary music journalist and SAMA judge, Miles Keylock.
  • Creative Director: multipleaward-winning designer and visual production adept, Georgia Gardner.
  • Chief Photographer: internationally acclaimed artist, Pieter Hugo.
  • Consulting Editor: SAMA-winning rapper and youth cultural soothsayer Siya ‘Slikour’ Metane.
  • Contributing Music Editor: award-winning journalist and SAMA judge, Diane Coetzer.
  • Chief Marketing Strategist: BrandsRock CEO and award- winning brand synergist, Mike Joubert.

That looks like a team that has capabilities of fulfilling the incredibly high expectations that I have of the publication and has the makings of what could be a fairly strong force in the local media industry, barring one or two additions that currently work here at MyCityByNight (cough).

On the Rolling Stone website it says that they’re aiming to really kick off the promotion work to get the word out there from 15 October and I thought I’d be nice and do my bit to help. The launch of the local magazine is penciled in for Wednesday 9th November 2011 (although the rate card I had a look at says 15 Novemer 2011) and will without a doubt be accompanied by a launch party of note… I mean it’s Rolling Stone dammit.

As a publication, Rolling Stone SA aims to cover music, politics and movies, cutting across racial and economic lines, connecting with readers through a celebration of local and international music, politics and culture. It really is like nothing we’ve had available here in South Africa before and I expect that we’ll see plenty of new talent discovered along with respect given to iconic individuals and artists within South Africapopular culture.

Rolling Stone speaks to all South African music lovers covering everything from kwaito and rock to hip-hop, house and electronic music as a whole. Rolling Stone believes in music as a unifying force, bringing together black and white in both big city metropolises and small dorps.

Tick tock…

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  1. I have been subscribing to their online magazine for quite some time now (the U.S. edition, that is).

    1. I must say it is one of my favourites! 🙂 Let’s hope the local edition lives up to it’s bigger brother and fills those shoes.

  2. This should be interesting just saw Miles Keylock having coffee with rock author /radio presenter Shiloh Noone who was intertainign John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin last week ….Miles knows the old soldiers in the rock world

  3. Miles Keylock having coffee with rock author / radio presetner Shiloh Noone after his breakfast with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin…Miles knows all the underground hipcats

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