#RockWithCuervo & Win Tickets To Oppikoppi (& an exclusive experience at the Cuervo deck)

#RockWithCuervo & Win Tickets To Oppikoppi (& an exclusive experience at the Cuervo deck)

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Jose Cuervo is back, bigger, better and more rocking than ever at this year’s Oppikoppi Festival taking place from Friday 5th until Sunday 7th August. Oppi is one of the globe’s biggest and best festivals and there should be no reason for missing this year. You will have the opportunity to Party Like a RockStar and reach new heights of hedonism and party greatness thanks to the greatest tequila brand on the planet. Stand a chance to #RockWithCuervo and win a double set of tickets (2 tickets) and access to an exclusive experience at the Cuervo deck on Saturday 6th August 2016.

Sound good? So just to recap that’s:

–          2 x general admission tickets to Oppikoppi from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th August 2016

–          Access to an exclusive Cuervo deck session on Saturday 6th August 2016.

Join us at MyCityByNight at this year’s Oppikoppi and #RockWithCuervo

How to win?

·         Leave a comment below, telling us who you’re most looking forward to seeing while at Oppi

·         Drop us (@MyCityByNight) and Cuervo (@JoseCuervoSA) a tweet containing #RockWithCuervo at Oppikoppi – so for eg it would go something like this “Yo @MyCityByNight & @JoseCuervoSA let me #RockWithCuervo at Oppikoppi” (including an awesome picture of you looking like you need to win never hurts, but we won’t hold it against you if it’s just text)

·         Winner announced on Friday 29th July (at the end of the day, to give you extra time to get your entry in)

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  1. I’m most looking forward to seeing Yelawolf. Even though there are literally tens of bands and artists I want to see, Yelawolf is top of that list. Last year on my way to koppi I listened to his album and never thought for a second I would get to see him, never mind at koppi! Yet here we are, 1 year later and Rap Jesus is going to take to the dusty stage.

  2. @MyCityByNight and Cuervo (@JoseCuervoSA) #RockWithCuervo at Oppikoppi – @MyCityByNight & @JoseCuervoSA let me #RockWithCuervo at Oppikoppi please please please there is not just one thing I’m looking foward to seeing, there’s the beautiful people in all different styles, the bands, the amount of tents in mordor it’s magic, how nice everyone is the legend burger, the beauty of the dust over the tents and floating at the stage the decor, walking through cattle tunnels, keeping that ticket on all year, finding a clean portapottie , hearing the vibe of all the happy people freezing at night and hot as he’ll in the day …I really just need to go it’s not just a music festival it’s part of my being and it’s horrible not having tickets ????can’t attach picture I don’t use twitter really hope this entry is valid

  3. I AM SO STOKED FOR THE KONGOS!!! AAAAAH! I would love to see them play it up all LIVE and shit at OppiKoppi 2016 please take me to the unsea and allow me to #RockWithCuervo!!

  4. With such and awesome lineup, it’s basically impossible to pick a favorite! So here are my top 5!
    1. Fokofpolisikar
    2. Kongos
    3. aKing
    4. Adelle Nqeto
    5. August Burns Red

    Want to see these acts so badly! And seeing as it’s my Bday in August – going to Oppi will be the best way to celebrate this year! 😉

  5. Yelawolf is the act I look forward most to seeing at koppi. There are tens of other acts that I want to see. The local line up this year is insane compared to other years but Yelawolf tops that list. Last year, on my way to koppi I listened to his album in the car and I never thought for a second that I would ever get the chance to see him live. Never mind at Oppikoppi! Yet in a few days he’ll be on that dusty stage making people dance ????

  6. Yelawolf and shekhina! A little bit of everything but mostly those acts. I’m ready for my first experience in the dust! For my boots to get filthy from dancing to long and hard!

    Let’s do this!!

  7. I love Oppi! I can’t wait to see our local talent like fokofpolisiekar and bittereinde, but looking forward to August burns red

  8. @MyCityByNight & @JoseCuervoSA let me #RockWithCuervo at Oppikoppi yo see August burns red! Fokofpolisiekar! Bittereinder! aKing!The Narrow!

  9. Looking forward to see fokofpolisiekar!!! But many more as “close seconds” ?

  10. I would really really really love to see Yelawolf perform #RockWithCuervo ???

  11. So Excited to see the Kongos
    The theme song for oppi is…..
    “Knock me off my track
    Nothing can stop me
    Nothing holds me back
    Think you could slow me down?
    There ain’t no turning back”….. From Oppi 😉

  12. The lineup for Oppikoppi this year is absolutely mind boggling and I have been struggling to figure out who I am most excited for.. Adelle Nqeto has one of the most beautiful voices in SA and seeing her live is always a pleasure. Fokofpolisiekar returning to the dustbowl has me all worked up because moshing at oppi is a prawn pasttime that is most fun with Fokof! Newtown Knife Gang and Grassy Spark are 2 of my favourite artists in the country at the moment and they are flawless and energy personified! Lastly Satanic Dagga Orgy is a must see as one of the most entertaining shows and to see August Burns Red live is a childhood dream that I struggle to put words to!! So this year I am going to #RockwithCuervo harder than ever before because The Unsea is going to be ridiculous

  13. With such an awesome lineup i need to be pick. Please please make my hubby happy.

    such a fresh sound, an innovator in the local music scene. and also just probably a fanny-tingle to watch.
    BY THE WAY FYI HELLO I feel like this year is the year I’m finally cool enough to make it onto this goddamn Cuervo deck. I’m human. I have feelings. Plz.

    P.S taylor swift did not authorise this comment.

  15. Im looking foward to artists that are on the computer up like 2leestark , can’t wait to here his music live in the land of dust?????? I’m super excited for oppi


  17. Oppi Koppi 2016—where to start, this is the best line up they have ever had 😀

  18. @MyCityByNight ; @JoseCuervoSA

    Oppi Koppi 2016—where to start, this is the best line up they have ever had 😀

    The Kongos- Come with me now, take it from me & hey I dont know 🙂

    Wonderboom- We all grew up with these guys playing all the time

    The motherland- proudly south african band who I fell inlove with the first time I heard them play in Harties

    The kiffness- evergreen & you say you love me….

    Please , we are ready to make new memories Jose & My City…

    ***The one thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain
    ***Get us to oppi please
    ***we may never remember last night, but its always done with friends we will never forget

    1. I see were both searching for oppi tickets. ..Do you know when they are doing the draw?

  19. Gotta be Julian Gomes and Femi Koya (I’m not sure if Satanic Dagga Orgy are the lineup this year – apparently last year they killed it)


  20. I’m sooooooo looking forward to Satanic Dagga Orgy! Saw them last year and they BLEW my mind ?
    I’d absolutely love to see them and experience OppiKoppi for the 3rd time this year!

  21. If I have to answer for bands, monkeys in boots,kongos, valiant swart, aking there is so many I still stick with my previous answer In the theme of the unsea but here are some of my bands if you guys are kind enough to give me the opportunity to go to Oppikoppi 2016

  22. Thanks for all the entries peeps – we’ve done the draw and the lucky winner is Thomas Maree. We’ll be in touch with further details around your tickets and the event. See you there! 🙂

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