Rocking The Daisies 2014 Details


Hurry up October!

So this year there is a new system in place for Rocking The Daisies 2014, and we suggest you read the below carefully so that you don’t miss out!

We will, of course, give you little reminders and updates as we get them 🙂


  • Each festival attendee will need to register with his or her ID or passport number
  • Sales are limited to four tickets per buyer via credit card, EFT or cash deposit
  • The buyer will need their friends’ name, email address and cell number when buying a ticket for them (it is recommended that the friend is also pre-registered)
  • The friends’ ticket will only be validated once they have completed the registration process themselves
  • Everyone’s original ID, passport or driver’s license is subject to a check against their ticket upon arrival at the festival (no certified copies accepted)
  • If an ID or passport number doesn’t match the ticket of the attendee then they will be denied entry into the festival
  • If you are not 18 years old by the time the festival starts you will be unable to register or attend the festival
  • Any incomplete registrations will be invalid
From 9 – 23 May, pre-registration will be open to the public.

 Those who pre-register will get exclusive first access to buying RTD tickets and the bonus of a discounted ticket price.

Ticket prices for those who pre-register:

  • Full Weekend Pass – R695 (full price is R750)
  • Two Day Pass (Sat/Sun) – R595 (full price is R650)
From 24 – 26 May, pre-registration will be closed.
  • On closing of pre-registration a notification will be sent to remind all those who pre-registered that they will receive notification when ticketing goes live on 27 May

From 27 May – 1 June, ticket sales will be open exclusively to those who have pre-registered and those who didn’t pre-register by 23 May will not be able to buy tickets yet.

  • A notification email and SMS will be sent to remind all those who pre-registered when ticketing goes live on 27 May
  • Pre-registered people will have six days in which to pay for their discounted tickets
  • On 2 June any unpaid tickets will go back into the ticketing system and be on sale at full price
  • As tickets are limited and subject to availability, pre-registering does not guarantee or reserve anyone a ticket, but it will move festival goers one step closer to it
  • Official ticketing channels are Rocking the Daisies’ official website, Facebook page and directly at
  • Please do not trust any third party ticket portals, websites or sellers!

On 2 June, full price ticket sales open and all remaining tickets (if available) will only be sold at full price. Should tickets sell out before 2 June, full price ticket sales will not take place

Full Ticket Prices
  • Full Weekend Pass – R750
  • Two Day Pass (Sat/Sun) – R650
  • Sunday Pass – R200
  • Cycling the Daisies – R500
  • Campervan – R500 (excl. ticket)
  • Walking the Daisies registration will open at a later date
  • Gate Price (if not sold out) – R800

Tickets are transferable but will be limited to one free transfer per ticket.

For those who want to rock out in style, the Heartbreak Motel, a division of Felix Unite Tented Camps is offering luxurious accommodation at

Artist and trader applications are now open at

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