Robots Can Now Do Backflips – We’re Absolutely Screwed

In This Week's Terminator-Related News, Robots Can Now Do Backflips - We're Absolutely Screwed

It’s a widely shared opinion that one day we’ll give robots enough common sense and sentience to overthrow us as as humans at the top of the food chain. I mean we’ve all seen movies like Terminator – things generally don’t end well for us, whichever way you look at it, which is why the latest developments in the field of robots is rather unnerving.

The guys who created the rather mobile and mostly sentient Atlas robot, decided that it needed to learn how to jump up on boxes and perform backflips too, making it a combination of one of the most amazing and scary things we’ve ever seen:

Wow, that’s pretty amazing and absolutely terrifying all at the exact same time. If you had to look at the number of humans that are able to do a similar backflip and then consider that this robot can do it without even breaking a sweat, you can see why it’s vitally important that we prepare for a life as slaves under a robot overlord.

All the warning signs are there people.

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