Robertson Winery Presents: THE SUMMER JUKEBOX at BOHEMIA this January/February!

This summer, Robertson Winery brings the best in South African Music to Bohemia in Stellenbosch. Fantastic live bands every Thursday and to accompany the festivities – as always, entry is FREE and there are lots of wine specials to be enjoyed. Be sure not to miss it! Save the dates below to be a part of this summer experience.

26 January – Die Tuindwergies & Willim Welsyn
2 February – Vensters Specials
9 February – Bed On Bricks
16 February – Holliday Murray
23 February – New Holland

More about the Bands:

Die Tuindwergies & Willim Welsyn

Die Tuindwergies’ first two singles were # 1 on the SA Top 30 and the # 1 most requested tune for three consecutive weeks on Tuks FM. The debut singles have also done well on other campus stations (MFM Kovsie FM, PUK FM, etc..) ‘Kopskudkinders’ was even recognized as the most popular song on Jacaranda and took the # 1 position on Jacaranda FM Top 10. “Opvoeding en Leiding” the 3rd single from the album, proved the band’s diversity. *’Kopskudkinders’ also pocketed Die Tuindwergies their first MK Award for Best Newcomer of 2011. They released their debut album in August 2010.

Willim Welsyn en die Sunrise Toffies second album, Kompos en Kraai was nominated for a SAMA for best Afrikaans Rock album in 2009. Willim Welsyn’s second solo album, Maanplaas was nominated for a SAMA for best Afrikaans Alternative album, a Huisgenoot Tempo Award for best Kopskuif (Afrikaans slang for alternative) album and a Rapport Afrikaans Vonk Award for best Afrikaans Alternative album in 2010. Maanplaas won the Huisgenoot Tempo Award for best Kopskuif album in 2010. His third album, Smeer die Weerlig, was released in 2010.

Bed On Bricks

Bed on Bricks is a unique feature on the South African musical landscape – a band whose sound is not easily defined, does not fit comfortably in any specific genre, thereby not appealing to a specific group of listeners. Yet they’re a regular feature on the main stages of the country’s major music festivals, have a diverse and fanatical following as well as proving to be an inspiration for countless other musical acts.

Holiday Murray

Although approaching the scene with international ambitions, Holiday Murray as a collective is driven by a powerful sentimentality towards their hometown and country and intends to perform as far and wide in South Africa as possible. The naming process was simple, the name Holiday Murray belonging to a tall thin wooden man who aids the writing process, attends every band orientated event, and takes centre stage at every show. They released their self-titled debut album in 2011 to critical acclaim.

New Holland

New Holland arrived on the SA rock scene in December 2007. Since then their impeccable revel rock has triumphed everywhere they’ve played, bringing with them a wall of devoted fans that now are hankering for more. With two albums to their name, namely 01 and Exploded Views, New Holland needs no introductions and in February they will be bringing the best of their music to Bohemia.

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