Robbie Williams flirts with fan before realising she’s only 15!

robbie williams flirts with fan

In this video Robbie Williams performs ‘She’s the One’ during his encore at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 17 October 2015 on his ‘Let Me Entertain You Down Under’ Tour and starts flirting with a fan (as he normally does). Robbie goes on to make a couple of comments about how the fan is rocking “the secretary look” before asking her how old she was turning today, considering it was her birthday, which was where things got slightly more awkward.

Once hearing she was only 15 and realising he could get into a small spot of trouble, Robbie just did what Robbie does best and continued to mack on the girl’s mom!

This guy is probably one of the biggest legends on the planet – if he comes back to South Africa any time soon, you can believe that I’ll be there to watch!

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