Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit FULL Fight Video – UFC 195 – MAIN EVENT


In what is already being quoted as Fight of the Year, Ruthless Robbie Lawler & Carlos Condit squared off at UFC 195, the first UFC fight card of the year. The fight card had more noteable fights such as Andre Arlovski vs Stipe Micioc & Tom Porier vs Joe Duffy (who definitely ended up with a broken nose)

We always knew this was going to be a fight to be remembered but no could have prepared themselves for the 5 round war that was witnessed over the passed weekend.

The fight went to the judges and there’s been a large amount of controversy saying Condit should have been announced the winner, so take a look and see for yourself and comment below with your winner in the comment section below.

I’ve got to say, Ruthless Robbie has always been a favourite of mine and this fight will show you why, he puts his body on the line every time.

kundit by AFFV

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