Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit FULL Fight Video – UFC 195 – MAIN EVENT


In what is already being quoted as Fight of the Year, Ruthless Robbie Lawler & Carlos Condit squared off at UFC 195, the first UFC fight card of the year. The fight card had more noteable fights such as Andre Arlovski vs Stipe Micioc & Tom Porier vs Joe Duffy (who definitely ended up with a broken nose)

We always knew this was going to be a fight to be remembered but no could have prepared themselves for the 5 round war that was witnessed over the passed weekend.

The fight went to the judges and there’s been a large amount of controversy saying Condit should have been announced the winner, so take a look and see for yourself and comment below with your winner in the comment section below.

I’ve got to say, Ruthless Robbie has always been a favourite of mine and this fight will show you why, he puts his body on the line every time.

kundit by AFFV

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  1. What a fight, but I have to feel for Condit. He just cannot seem to get over that hump and maybe never will! Really hope he does not retire, but who could blame him. How long before he ever gets another shot at the title. Robbie would need to lose in order to make another shot exciting to fans.

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