27 – 29 November 215

Round The Bend Camp, Breede River, Swellendam.

Where lilo meets river and electro meets rock, pop, swing and folk; where a grassy dance floor meets a bar, and a floating stage reveals a glimmer… of a hidden paradise.
Republicans, it is time to run away to the river and join us for a weekend of beats, mayhem, mischief and magic. And music!

Here it is: the complete line up for our very first River Republic Festival:

Veranda Panda; The Kiffness; Riders Connection (GER); Southern Wild; Grassy Spark; Das Kapital; Jackal & The Wind; Kings Down South; Hugo.Hugh; Private Life; Stone Age Citizens; The Vanilla; The Robfather; The Liminals; Toby2Shoes; Adrian Gemini; Sutherland; The Coast; Maramza; Jews for Techno and We Are Charlie!

We are excited about having Riders Connection, all the way from Germany, on the line up. This alternative pop group will bring together unique sounds of reggae, soul and blues on Saturday late afternoon… Check out their Youtube channel:


Meet new people and make friends for life, and for a while forget your city strife. Escape to the River Republic. A place where time slows and feet are moved by the rhythm of the river and the movements of the sun. Where people laugh and scream and dance and dream, and there’s no hate or sadness or horror or badness, just joy and electro, and light and delight. Catch your most loved local musicians, both DJs and bands, and play chess on a dance floor quite chequered and grand.

Let the music keep playing with a shake and a shiver, and you’ll be ever so grateful you came to the river.

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