Rising continental duo Amata release debut track on leading Progressive label, Mango Alley

Amata is a production duo formed by MKLY & Sides that are currently based between Berlin and Cape Town. They have contributed heavily to the global electronic music landscape, and together, they’ve found a way to trap emotion in groove.

A continuing “Augmented” reality reveals a different perception of Mango Alley. Breaking boundaries, established and contemporary talent converges in a single vision across the digital spectrum. A cornucopia of new music, unreleased jewels and undiscovered gems glisten under the auspices of renowned artistic talent; mixed and unmixed versions deliver a unique listening experience.

Creative flair blooms from the creative mind of Golan Zocher. A new musical envelope portrays the bigger picture from a marathon musical journey that breathes new oxygen into the Cauca Valley. The brainchild of an artist with the world at his fingertips in a global climate where hope is everything; a panoply of music from across the continents provides a soothing emollient to ease the pain. Another augmented snapshot provides a musical legacy that stands the test of time through a woven sonic tapestry.

It’s already gained support from industry heavyweights like Guy JHernan CattaneoShai TCid IncKasper KomanMarcelo VasamiChicolaEzequiel AriasSubandrio & more.

The path to transcendence is found in an inspirational journey where the golden thread of inspiration glistens from Colombian-Israeli imagination.

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