Rihanna Twerks to a Drake song

rihanna twerks to drake

I’ve grown to like Rihanna now that she’s finally got some sense in her and broken up with woman-bashing ass-face Chris Brown – so much so that I actually found great pleasure in watching her twerk to an ASAP Rocky tune featuring Drake. She must have known that when she uploaded this video, the internet would go wild with claims that she was stirring the pot and taking a dig at Chris Brown (who we know was involved in some weird love triangle with Drake and Riri). Her friend, who took the video (and who’s scary face pops up right in the middle of it) says that despite what it looks like, she was NOT trying to piss off her ex-boyfriend. In fact, she wasn’t even sending any love Drake’s way with the video and was instead just “feeling” the song, wanting to “drop it” a couple of times.

Do we really care why she’s doing it? No, not really. Does she look hot while doing it? Yes, definitely.

Go on and get your eagle on girl…



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