Ricky provides inspiration for OKHA Design & Interiors

Ricky provides inspiration for OKHA Design & Interiors

 Ricky provides inspiration for OKHA Design & Interiors

 Feeling rather honoured that they chose me and always amped for a spot of self-promotion, I jumped at the opportunity to do a guest-writing spot ahead of the Design.Art.Sound exhibition. What the folks over at Okha Design and Interiors asked me to do was to whip up a little piece on my experience with music over my rather illustrious career as party-goer and entertainment blogger as well as explore the relationship between sound, art and design. Check it out over HERE…

My little piece would serve as an introduction to the very awesome DESIGN. ART. SOUND exhibition happening later this month, where the senses and the sensory appreciation of visual and aural aesthetics will be combined in one creativity rich night.

On the 29 of September 2010 OKHA and iFi will collaborate with two startlingly dynamic young artists to bring you DESIGN. ART. SOUND – where sense will become sensational and the perception of beauty and technology will be explored with uncompromising style. Under the direction of OKHA, South African art mavericks Paul Senyol and Daniel Orme were left with a blank canvas and their musical inspiration and the rest was up to talent and chance.

The Collaboration

OKHA Design & Interiors have become the preeminent luxury design brand of South Africa, a place where interior artistry and skill are manipulated to create some of the most influential and individual pieces to be seen in years. Creative director, Adam Court, believes that, “design should evoke mood, should create an atmosphere through its creative resonance, a symbiosis of the inspirational and the inspired”. Court curates this design milestone, his guidance and understanding granting him an unparalleled insight into the relationship behind design and music and allowing him to draw from the artists and their works the full realisation of the senses.

iFi, the purveyors of stylish yet cutting-edge audio technology, share this ideology of functional aesthetics, this notion that form and function can not only co-exist but complement each other, making experience truly integrated and sensually immersive.

The Artists

Paul Senyol is an accidental artist, having never pursued any form of tertiary education; he simply let his creative sense and the power of the skateboarding culture within which he was immersed guide him. Schooled by the myriad of graphics, logos, designs, and the immeasurable paraphernalia of modern punk/skater culture he began to experiment with lines and shape, the perception of living space, and the geometrics of colour and composition. The music of a culture was his inspiration to create the face of freedom and rebellion in the modern South Africa.

Daniel Orme is driven by his surroundings, finding subjects in the spontaneous and inspiration in the immediate. His focus is emphatic, only the core emotions are allowed representation; colour and symbolism are vetoed in favour of bold geometrics that isolate and investigate the most minuscule fragments of the human psyche. For Orme, the notion of the singularity of things is most fascinating and his forays into this, guided by music, have produced works that are captivating and astonishingly original.

To get in contact with these peeps for a spot of remodelling check out their website:


and the Design.Art.Sound Facebook page can be found over here:


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